Monday, October 31, 2011

Superhero Update

4 Weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to be starting The Superhero Workout. Well, I just finished phase 1 on Friday and am ready to start Phase 2 today.

Gotcha, Sucka's.
Well, Phase 1 was pretty cool. It involved things that I had never really done before, in a style that I was unaccustomed to. I performed a lot of exercises with a very slow eccentric portion, and performed supersets of big compound exercises (snatch grip deadlift + bench press = FML). These big time supersets were also very long, going up to 10 sets each. I also performed 2 days of metabolic complexes, which is something that I have done before, but never for a whole month. I would generally perform barbell complexes on a day when I wanted to get some stuff done, but had no other plans. 

The other new thing, for me, was rotating 4 workouts between 3 days. This was pretty cool, as it gave each week a different look. It kept things from getting "boring" (not that I get bored with programs). It is a very cool idea, and I think I will try stuff like that with some of my own clients.

The aspect that I like for some clients is the same thing that I disliked as it pertains to myself. I was, frankly, a little uncomfortable with the fact that twice in this month I went a week with only 1 day of strength training. I understand the purpose; if I did a week with two days of strength training that both involved a 10x3 superset, my body would respond well to a follow-up week with only 1 day of training like that. However, it felt weird. And dirty. And not that in that good way, you know?

The Good Way.
With that being said, I noticed an interesting effect from the first month of training. I gained an inch or two or several while jumping. One of my, personal, gold standard tests for knowing where my body is at (strength, weigh, power:weight ratio) is by simply touching a basketball hoop. They are all 10 feet off the ground, and I always jump with a 3 step approach. (Yes, I understand this doesn't equal a standing vertical, thank you.) While playing volleyball the other night, I randomly took a jump at a rim, intending to grab it with one hand; which is something that has been consistently easy for me for a a long time. While on the way up, I realized how easy it felt, and instead grabbed the rim with two hands. When I landed, one of my buddies asked if I'd always been able to do that. I told him that I've been able to do it, but only off and on. He noted how easy it looked this time, and I agreed. It was pretty easy. 

I was surprised at how easy it felt, mainly because I didn't feel like I got significantly stronger over the last month. The workout that involved the snatch grip deadlift's did not really improve (the weights felt easier, but I never got some comfortable as to increase weights), but the squat workout did. I actually loved the squat workout, for the first time in my life. I felt like I made some good improvements in the weights I moved on that day. 

Finally, here are my before and after pics for month 1. 

Beginning Phase 1

Beginning Phase 2.
Didn't go full body this time. Don't think it matters. Seems like my chest and shoulders are a little fuller. Abs are considering making an appearance. I'm also suddenly noticing a pretty significant asymmetry between my right and left shoulders. In both pictures my left shoulder is hiking and my right shoulder seems relaxed. Interesting.

Have a great day! I'm off to lift some heavy you should be too!

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