Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When idiocy affects me.

Generally speaking, I don't mind letting people do stupid stuff in the gym, as long as it won't affect me. Think you're doing hang snatches? Cool, go for it. Don't throw the bar across the room. Trying deadlifts? Awesome! If you're not going to ask for advice, please don't let your kidney hit me when it shoots out of your body.

When your idiocy does begin to affect me, I get pretty upset. If your douchebaggery reflects on the whole gym, and a privilege is lost, you shall feel my scorn. (Meaning I will ice-grill the shit out of you from across the room when you're not looking.)

Recently, something came to light regarding my Momma. Without going into too many details, this bugged the crap out of me because I am a huge Momma's boy. She goes to a personal training studio in her town that I won't name, but they really believe that Fitness should be done Together. She has been complaining about some pain in her upper back musculature for a few weeks now, and that prompted me to ask her what sort of mobility work she did with her trainers. She asked what mobility drills were. Had no idea what I was talking about. 

So, I suggested she ask them to do some of that stuff with her. A few weeks went by, and no result. She told me over the weekend "they don't do that stuff there...they just focus on the eating plan and some strength training."

Really? No mobility stuff? Ever? I bet they still think that eggs are bad for your cholesterol, and that deadlifts are bad for your back. 

Now, I have always held back from training my Mom. It's something I haven't wanted to explore because I don't want us to end up throwing 10 pound plates at each other. I would want to push her further and further and she would fight back. But how long can I sit back and watch her get trained by a bunch of clowns? Given her profession (teacher) and history of joint problems, the focus of her training should be gaining back range of motion in all the major areas.

What do I do? Is there a professional courtesy I need to extend? I want to call them and tell them to stop sucking. My first step was teaching my Momma a few of the drills to do on her own. Second step was writing down a list of my favorite thoracic spine / shoulder mobility drills that she can give to her trainer(s). Hopefully they don't get butthurt that someone is telling them how to do their job. 

I guess my big play is to TRY and make sure she does her mobility work on her own; while continuing to go to them for her strength stuff. As much as I would like, I guess I can't change the attitude of a whole facility (although, I shall continue trying). I'll have to keep an eye on her to make sure she's not getting any worse.

For now, go pick up something heavy! (After you do your scap wall slides!)

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