Monday, November 14, 2011

Project: Swole Patrol!!

It's happening. I can't believe it. I never really thought this day would come, but...

I'm going to train like a bodybuilder.

Frankly, it makes me a little uncomfortable to admit it. I've spent so much time declaring the importance of training the compound lifts that I feel like I'm letting myself down by doing a hypertrophy program. I have several pretty good reasons for giving this a shot right now, though.

First off, one of my clients was overly generous enough to give me a new supplement as an early Christmas present. This particular supplement has properties that will repartition nutrients (mainly from carbs) into muscle rather than fat. I'm going in skeptical, but since I want to give it a fair shake, I'm going to partake in the suggest hypertrophy program that goes along with it.

A second reason is that I realized that I've yet to do a hypertrophy program since I started to "know" what I was doing in the weight room. I've trained for strength and performance rather than aesthetics. While I think I've achieved pretty good results training this way, I'd like to see how my body can look with some training dedicated to increasing hypertrophy (muscle size). 

The last reason is because I have the time! One of the reasons bodybuilder splits don't work for most people is because they simply don't have the time to devote to doing it the right way. If you hope to see results from a program like this, you need to be able to really bust your ass doing it. I figure I'll give it a shot for 2-3 months and see what happens. By that time, I'll be dying to get back into some heavy strength training. 

My circumference (GIRTH) measurements going into this program are as follows:

Biceps: 15" (relaxed) 15.5" (flexed)
Chest: 41"
Shoulders: 49"
Quads: 24"
Forearm: 13.25"
Waist: 32" 
Calf: 15.5"
Bodyweight: 192 pounds

My 7 site skinfold test results: (right side of the body)

Triceps: 6
Pectoral: 9
Midaxilla: 11
Suprailiac: 16
Abdominals: 16 (moooooo)
Subscapular: 17
Quadriceps: 10.5
Total % Bodyfat: 12.4%

Here are my Before pics (taken on Day 1 of the new program).

What's up, Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Well, that's my update for Day 1. I'm going to follow my supplementation and nutrition program as closely as I can. I just finished the chest workout, and it felt much better than the last time I did it. Maybe it's the ridiculous amount of carbs I've eaten today? Maybe it's the placebo effect from the new supplement? Maybe it's just because I didn't do this workout at 8:30 at night, after work, as a second training session for the day? Certainly a combination of all of the above!

I just lifted my heavy shit for the day, please go lift yours!

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