Thursday, November 3, 2011

What can I do better?

Let me ask you a question. Now would be a good time to be honest.

When is the last time you stepped back from your own mind and took a look at the way things were going? If you're like most people, it has probably been a while. This is an exercise I like to do myself every once in a while, just to check up on myself. It is too easy to not tell the whole truth when friends or family ask you how things are going. There's no one on earth with whom you can be more honest than yourself.

Ask yourself the big questions; ask yourself the little questions. They all matter. I (currently) have my major goals in line. I know what things I want to achieve in life, so when I assess my life now, I'm looking to make sure I'm doing the little things that will help me get to those goals.

I ask myself lots of questions (sometimes too many). In my constant quest for self improvement, I like to make sure there are certain things I'm doing. Am I drinking enough water? (Never. Working on it.) Am I eating the right foods? (Majority of the time). Getting enough sleep? (Debatable.) Did I read something besides Barstool Sports? To a further extent, did I learn something today? Did I do/say something today to make someones life even momentarily better or easier? Did I do something to help improve an important relationship to me? Was I able to make somebody smile?

Check up on yourself, and be honest. Take your thoughts seriously. If there is something you could be doing to make yourself (or someone else) happier, then please do it. Little things make the biggest differences.

With that said, I'm going to go make sure I can make someone smile today...and probably lift something heavy.

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