Monday, October 3, 2011

Get rid of the pain of being a man, by becoming a Beast.

So, today marks Day 1 of The Superhero Workout that I will be doing for the next couple of months. It was written by John Romaniello and Matt McGorry; two pretty well known names in the fitness world. The main point of this program is to get you to look, move and perform like the Superheroes we have read about in comics and seen in movies for years. Personally? I'm trying to look like Wolverine!

Beast Mode
I must admit, I'm pretty excited to start this program. It involves a lot of things that I don't do on my own; tempo lifts, slow eccentrics and lots of barbell complexes. These are all great techniques that I should be utilizing when training myself and my clients.

As I always do when starting a program, I took a before picture of myself for comparisons sake, and I must say, I'm not thrilled with what I look like right now.

Not a good look.
Not the best I've ever looked. "Doughy" is a word that comes to mind. I'm not particularly heavy right now, my percent body fat is still in a range that is acceptable to me, but I'm not doing very well with my lean body mass. 

Goals? My big goal with this program is aesthetics; I hope to be able to put some size on my upper body. I've always felt my chest lagged behind the rest of my upper body; don't know if it due to poor insertions, having broad shoulders, or just because I've always concentrated on being strong rather than looking good. Being that we are entering the fall/winter season here in New England, I'm not terribly worried about having visible abs. No one is seeing me naked anytime soon, so who cares? My diet is going to be geared towards putting on lean body mass, so I won't mind carrying a few extra pounds over the winter.

EDIT: I wrote the rest of this blog prior to working out. I just went and did Day 1. Holy shitballs. That was one of the hardest workouts I've ever done, I think. The first superset was 10 sets of Bench Press / Snatch grip deadlift. Holy crap. Both the volume and the eccentrics are going to toss me into a world of shit. You know you're doing it right when you're dizzy and feel like you're going to puke for the whole workout, and afterwards you hate life.

The lyrics to this song describe how I felt about today's workout. Give me more.

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