Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take a moment.

I was lucky enough to spend Columbus Day Weekend on Cape Cod at my family's seasonal home. Everyone else left Monday night, and I stayed until Tuesday morning. I woke up just before 8 and made a pot of coffee while I played with the dog.

I made my cup of coffee and went onto the back deck. I stood there for about 10 minutes, steaming mug of coffee in hand, sun shining on my face, birds chirping. I was happy. I didn't quite meditate, but it was a great 10 minutes spent without thinking about anything. Turned off my mind. Nothing mattered for a minute: not school, work, my training, family, friends or girls. It was a nice moment of emptiness, as close to "zen" as I get.

I was lucky enough to have a weekend full of these moments; standing at the edge of the ocean fishing, sitting on the back deck looking at the moon. But it is something that most people seem to be missing in their lives. We are always on the go, always connected, always trying to get something finished.

If people could figure out a way to give themselves a moment or two every day, or every few days, where they just shut everything off and let their mind stay empty, I think people could create some pretty powerful changes in their lives. Things get put into perspective. That work email probably didn't need to be responded to at 11:30 at night. That girl that didn't call you back is the one missing out.

Please, take a minute to relax that doesn't involve a computer, phone or television. Get lost in a book, go look at the moon, see what things sound like when Two and a Half Men isn't on in the background.

And, of course, pick up something heavy.

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