Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is this the dumbest thing ever?

So, I recently read about this personal trainer who was purposefully making himself fat so that he could then lose the weight.

Is this man a genius? Or is he a complete tool? I'm not quite sure.

From an industry standpoint, he has done a great job of getting himself out there. People all over the country know who he is now. No one knows if he is a good trainer or not, but Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson have proved that you don't need to know shit about shit to be a famous celebrity trainer. From a purely commercial standpoint, his experiment has been a success. He will, certainly, achieve his weight loss goal. He has, apparently, already made fitness his career choice, and as such has the knowledge and intrinsic motivation to get back in shape. 

So, what does that prove? That someone who is in great shape can purposefully let themselves get fat, and then get back in shape? No shit, Sherlock.

From a marketing perspective, I'm very impressed with this guy. What a great job he has done of getting his name and face out there. But, teach us something new, bro. At least when Dave Tate was fat for a few decades, he could squat 935 pounds. He un-did a lifetime of bad eating and is now shredded. 


I'd say he experienced some pretty significant body composition changes. 

Fat personal trainer, good job with the marketing. I can't knock your hustle. But, teach us something more while you're doing it.

I'm going to go continue to keep myself from getting fat in the first place, by lifting some heavy shit.

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