Monday, September 12, 2011

One of the most important aspects of working out...


Hey're doing it wrong.
Anybody who says that the music they listen to during physical activity is inconsequential is doing something wrong. There is no way you can have a good workout (running, lifting, a sport, shoveling snow) with shitty music playing.

Disclaimer: I pass no judgement on a particular persons' choice of music; with a few notable exceptions. You should not be listening to Justin Bieber, Kevin Federline and most country music. If I see that you are, mockery shall ensue. 

With that being said, everyone likes different kinds of music, but for a good workout there are a few necessities. Fast. Drums. Bass. Loud. Thats about it. If your music can satisfy those requirements, you are starting out above baseline...good music should be able to help you transcend your mood and put you into a different place; mentally, physically and emotionally. You should have music that can relax your mind; music to get you fired up; and music to let you zone out. Here are some songs that really help me get my mind right.

Pretty Lights - "Hot Like Sauce". I didn't listen to any house/techno stuff until I was introduced to it pretty recently by a good friend; now I can't get enough. I listened to this song before every game at my recent volleyball tournament and got into my zone perfectly every time. One of my current favorite songs!

Jay-Z and Kanye West - "H.A.M". Not exactly a musical masterpiece...but it gets me fucking amped out of my mind. Just crazy amounts of adrenaline pumping. Great song to listen to during a lift.

Lupe Fiasco - "Fireman". Lupe is just a beast and he destroys this freestyle. This track gets me all sorts of pumped up. The beat is killer. His lyrics are killer. Great track to warm-up with.

Bassnectar - "Seek and Destory". From the Metallica album "Kill em All". Now this is fucking lifting music. A great remix by a talented DJ. It just makes you want to work hard; and thats the whole point of exercise, isn't it?

What are your favorite lifting songs? I hope you enjoy mine; spreading music you love should be enjoyable. Now, crank that shit up and go lift something heavy!

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