Thursday, September 1, 2011

New favorite shoe?

I think it's happened. I think I found a shoe that I like more than the Nike Free.

I know, you're thinking "no fucking way...this clown is Mr. Nike Free."

Well, it appears to have happened. I'm not forsaking my Free's at all, in fact I'm already looking at another pair to purchase (idiot). However, this new shoe that I have seems to cover just about every base possible.

Introducing, the New Balance Minimus Cross Trainer.
Yes, I got then in Snoop Dogg blue. Announce yourself with authority, I always say.

The Minimus Cross Trainer is nearly as flexible as the rest of the Minimus lineup, but maintains a bit more stability in the midfoot of the shoe, making it perfect for cross trainer (or even ::sigh:: Crossfit). With these shoes on, I feel as if there is just about anything I could do. Flat enough for deadlifting, low enough that my foot won't roll over the outside of the show while squatting and light enough that I'd feel great doing plyometrics or a sprint workout in them. Free's are great all around sneakers, but the heel lift tends to be a little much for deads. They are high enough that I can roll my foot over the outside of the shoe while squatting. Amazing for sprint workouts; but really have negative lateral support. 

The Free's still feel amazing to me; light, flexible and comfortable. No reason for me to give them up completely, but I can't say enough great things about these shoes. Go buy them!

Then lift something heavy!

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