Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Show and Go update

Good update today. Yesterday was the Monday workout for Week 3 of Phase 2. I was looking forward to it because of one thing in particular: sumo deadlifts. I didn't like these initially, as it was a strange feeling for me. Over time, I grew to love them, and actually think it is a stronger pull for me. Yesterday I had 2x1, 3x3.

(Don't Carrie Underwood and Justin Timberlake just get you JACKED out of your mind to lift heavy shit?)

Those were the 2 sets of 1. Not quite 1RM tests; more like greater than 90%. I then did 3x3 at 325, which was no breeze at this point. 

I followed this up with the bane of my existence; front squat grip barbell reverse lunges. I hate this exercise / love it dearly. I am not a huge fan of lunging in the first place, but this one just absolutely dominates me. Regardless of weight, it is awful. The warmup set with the bar sucks. The first working set of 115 sucks; 125 sucks; 135 blows. The only thing that sucks more than that is doing 2 sets at 135. Just. Awful.

Pretty much how I felt

I grinded out the rest of the workout (1 leg RDLs and split stance cable lifts), with moderate effort, and then sat on a bench in the weight room for 10 minutes. Once I stopped hating the world, everything felt great. I mean, I still walked like I had just gotten out of prison, but my demeanor was much better. Nothing a hot shower wouldn't fix. All in all, a fantastic workout. 

Now go find something heavy and pick it up!

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