Monday, March 7, 2011

But, I don't wanna get too bulky...

I hear this from clients on a weekly basis (both male and female clients).

Dude, shut up. Seriously.

Would you say "I don't want to go on a diet, I'm scared of getting too lean?" Or, "I don't wanna go for a run, I'm scared of getting too fast?" If getting overly big and bulky was really that big a problem, I wouldn't have a job. Gyms wouldn't be filled with guys that were 6 feet tall and 165 pounds. I think this all stems from the Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazine images that people are inundated with whenever they think of weight lifting. People start to get concerned that they will end up looking like one of the bodybuilders they see in those magazines.

Looking natural, fellas...

If getting that big was THAT easy, I wouldn't have a job. Adding appreciable muscle mass takes dedication. Perfect diet, lots of training time, flawless programming....and a shitload of steroids. No, seriously. A LOT of steroids.

The average Joe gym goer really doesn't need to worry about this; you probably don't eat well enough, train often or hard enough and hopefully aren't taking any winstrol before you lift. Given the way that most people lift weights, they aren't coming even close to the minimal essential strain they need to stimulate the muscle fibers to grow. Coming in to the facility and doing arms one day, then chest the next, and doing 45 minutes of steady state cardio is NOT the recipe for appreciable muscle mass.

Ladies? You have to worry even less; you're missing one of the key components for excessive muscle hypertrophy...testosterone!

Well, most of you are, at least. Testosterone is produced by both sexes, but the amount produced in women is about 15 times less than the amount men produce. Needless to say, the woMAn pictured about is not exactly "natural". 

What about the people who always claim "I can't lift too much, I gain muscle just by looking at a bar." Well, a few of them might be right. Very, very few of them. Interestingly, I hear one or two people a week say that about themselves, and my bullshit meter can't help but blast off. 

I find that these are people that generally like to find a reason to avoid doing what is best for them in the gym. They will do the easy stuff all day, but will always find a reason to stay out of the weight room.

Just remember; excuses are like assholes, they all stink and everybody has one.

Now, go lift something heavy, please.

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