Thursday, March 24, 2011

My favorite clients

Women. I love training women. And no, I don't mean "I love training hot women", although I'm not gonna complain about it when it happens.

Training her was not awful.

I mean ANY women; the best ones are the ones who have never lifted anything over 10 pounds in the gym before. My favorite sessions are the one when a woman starts off with "I don't wanna get big and bulky!" Boom. Game time. I go into full on "thats-ridiculous-mode" and put the kibash on that mind-set. More often than not, I end up with a lady who takes my advice, gets some sessions with me and follows my programming. She likes the way she feels/looks and enjoys her new barbell exercises ("I used to think 45 lbs was so heavy!").

I get a great feeling from seeing self-efficacy grow within this particular population. When my 5'1" 110 pound woman pulls 135 for reps the first time. Seeing my new-mom client make her way back to the gym 6 weeks after giving birth, and crushing the circuits we are doing; and hearing her talk about how she cant wait to get back to deadlifting. The ladies who come to me before their weddings to look a certain way and blow off steam. Even the woman who told me getting stronger and fitter made a particular aspect of her relationship much better (winkwink nudgenudge).

Ya dig?
I get a sense of satisfaction from my male clients achievements as well; I've got a couple of guys who one rep-maxed their deadlifts over 315. These are guys in their 40's who pulled 85 pounds off the pins their first time deadlifting. When it comes down to it, though, I really like the sense of accomplishment that my female clients portray after a really good session of picking up heavy shit.

I also like to see the looks on the average Joe Gymgoer when he see's one of my girls in the weightroom doing pushups, deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, farmers walks and push presses. This is when the girls really get proud of themselves; what lady doesn't feel good when she embarrasses Tommy Toughnuts by doing exercises he didn't even know existed?

Increasing self-efficacy in my female clients is great, but what I love increasing even more is their self-confidence.

Go to the gym and do something you didn't think you could!

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