Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New ways to get Beastly

This week's Beastly exercise is not really from one person, per se. The lineage of the exercise / method of lifting is traced back to Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell.

What it is: Resistance Band Deadlift. 

Why it is sick: Where to begin? The Westside Barbell crew has been proving the benefits of accommodating resistance for years now; take a look at the power-lifting rankings and see how many top lifters train / have trained at that gym. Accommodating resistance allows you to change the resistance being applied to the barbell at different points during the lift. This way, you can work on the parts that need to get worked on, without stressing the parts of the lift that you are good at. The resistance band deadlift allows you to lift a submaximal weight off the floor, and then have it become a max weight at your lockout point. For example, I recently bought a pair of EliteFTS "strong" mini bands. At the max stretch I can provide in a deadlift (33"), the bands will be providing 260 lbs of force. Add that to the 135 lbs that I have on the barbell, and at the very top of the lift I am dealing with 395 lbs of force. There are other ways to use these bands, and I will be going over them in the future. Not too shabby for a few rubber bands, huh?

There are many different sized bands that you can use, so start off with something light. It provides a really different feel to your normal deadlift, and will pay off with big dividends.

Now go give it a shot!

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