Thursday, January 10, 2013

Passion Trumps Everything

The title of this blog is a quote that Dave Tate said in a video from a few years ago. While the whole thing may be a little over-done and showy, that's just Tate.

This quote is important to me and it's one that I've used time and time again since I first heard it 3 years ago. In this industry, passion is everything. Without it, you're sunk

There aren't a lot of industries like this one, and that's one of the reasons I love it. You don't get into it to get rich, very few trainers or coaches ever get famous. The ones that do get "famous" are usually chuckledicks. Those who last in this industry and make an impact are doing it because they absolutely love it. They love helping people achieve goals and get healthier. They love helping athletes get stronger and faster. They love applying all of this knowledge to themselves.

I can't escape from this world, and I don't want to. If I'm not lifting then I'm reading articles about strength and conditioning, or watching YouTube videos of people lifting, or texting Dan and Justin about lifting, or writing a blog about training, or writing a training program, or thinking about what was going wrong during my last snatch session. This industry consumes me and I love it.

I think this statement holds true for pretty much all of the good trainer's and coach's you'll meet. Tearing yourself away from this world has to be a conscious effort. Nobody that I know in finance goes home and reads finance blogs. Teachers don't go home and watch YouTube videos of someone else teaching.  Yet friends and I get together and we can't stop talking about training.

It's tough to get someone to understand how I feel about this industry because so few people are passionate about their jobs. Even my family doesn't understand why I'd drive 40 minutes each way on Christmas Eve morning to get in a training session. It seems absurd to people, and I can understand why, but it doesn't matter.

My passion for strength and conditioning trumps everything else. I want nothing more than to be a success in this industry, and that's what is going to happen. Keep an eye out for me in 2013.

Have a great day! Go lift something heavy!

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