Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th, 60 Degrees?

So it's halfway through the month of January here in beautiful Boston and it's 60 degrees. 60-mother-effing-degrees. It's mind-blowing how nice out it is right now.

I just got back from a great weekend on Cape Cod where I actually went for a run with Kelsi.

Truth be told, I made it 1.5 miles before my low right back start spasming on me and I had to finish out by walking with my sister. It was a beautiful day so I didn't care. I still ran with her and it counts!!

Fast forward to today and I'm actually a little stiff. My calves are super tight and my low back is a little sore too. I wanted to work out today but knew I wasn't going to have a good lift. I made the executive decision to go ahead and skip lifting today in favor of pushing the prowler outside.

It's an abnormally beautiful day so I figured what the hell? It's not every day I'll have this chance so I might as well take it!

I think I went about 30 yards each direction and did 10 sprints with about 30 seconds of rest in-between each one. It wasn't the most difficult conditioning I've ever done, but it worked for today. I was breathing hard and I was sweating. Boom goes the dynamite.

What'd you guys do today on this gorgeous day?

Thanks for reading! Go lift something heavy!

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