Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I remember my first WOD!

It finally happened...I popped my Crossfit WOD cherry with this bitch of a workout called "Christine".

It sucked. No two ways around it, it was miserable. The workout is a CF Benchmark workout, meaning it's a workout that people can always go back to and test their time or compare against other lifters. The workout consists of 3 rounds of a 500 meter row, 12 deadlifts with your bodyweight on the bar (I went a little heavy with 205 bar weight, at 196 bodyweight) and then 21 box jumps with a 20" box.

I was dreading the row. It's something that I have little experience with, thus I am piss poor at it. The deadlifts were going to be easy, it's one of my stronger exercises and 205 isn't a big deal to me. I thought the box jumps were going to be a breeze, being that I am a jumping athlete. I wasn't wrong, but I wasn't right either. The whole thing sucked the big D.

But you know what? The fact that it was so miserable and metabolically challenging for me means that I need to do more of it. Anything that sucks that bad is a good thing. I'm not suggesting that I'm going to stop reading T-Nation and get some Zensah calf sleeves and board shorts, but I am starting to see how Crossfit can fit into traditional strength training programs. The metabolic effect was amazing, and I can only imagine how long my metabolism was elevated post-workout.

I didn't meet Pukey the Clown, but I did meet "lay on the floor until the world stops spinning and you can breathe again". Good shit, good shit.

Please, go lift something heavy, get out of your comfort zone!


  1. I included some really uncomfortable rowing yesterday in my workout. It's something I don't do very often, but I'll be doing this more.

    I set the timer at 10:00 and did 1 min of work followed by 30 seconds of rest, which gives you 7 work periods. Note that this ends after a work period, so technically it's not a full cycle, but, at least on my gym's machine, it stops your distance at the end of your timer, not when the wheel finishes spinning during your rest period.

    At 1598 meters on 5/10 resistance, I now have something to compare with next time around.

  2. Thats a great workout to go back to every once in a while and test yourself against, Josh! I read your post about your weight loss goals, and I hope you can find some useful information here to help you reach your goals. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask!