Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday Training

This past Saturday we had yet another great day of training. I'm starting to notice a trend here. We get a good group together and get after it hard, and good things happen. Success breeds success. 

We had a much smaller group this week than last week, but the atmosphere was no different.

I managed to tie my PR snatch (from the week before) of 195 pounds. The frustrating thing is that whenever I snatch, I hit a sticking point. At either 175 or 185, it will take me several reps to get through it. A few weeks ago it took me 5 tries to hit 175, and then I hit two singles at 185 without missing. After that, I hit 175 without a problem and missed 185 a few times before getting 195. This past session saw me struggle at both 175 and 185 but hit 195 on my first try. I tried 200 again this week, and managed to knock myself on the skull with it again. That's a habit that I don't want to get into.

Justin finally nailed a 235 clean and jerk; something he's been chasing and working for for quite a while now. It was a hell of a lift; one that he had to chase about 10 feet across the gym floor. 

Dan also nailed a lift that he's been working his balls off for; a 250 pound snatch. This was a 100% Dan Atkinson lift; he sat in the hole for about 5 seconds to gain his stability before standing up with it. 

Post-lift celebrations were very much in the Justin and Dan style of things. Watch and enjoy! 

Now go out and lift your own heavy shit!

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