Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday Training Day

I'm writing this post while bathing in the chalk scented afterglow of a glorious day of training. A crew of 10 people lifted together at CrossFit Resilience and not a single fuck was given. PR's were being handed out like candy on Halloween and girth was being gained by all who attended.

This day was special for several reasons. One of the big ones is that we were joined by two people who are pretty new to weight training, and they grabbed the proverbial bull by the nutsack and crushed their lifts. My friend Kevin pulled 235 (I think) for a deadlift PR and my friend Jarrod's girlfriend Catherine absolutely smoked 190 for a deadlift PR.

Anyone who discounts the effect that atmosphere has on training success is an absolute fool. The energy in the gym today was out of this world and every person benefitted from it. The music was loud, the chalk was copious and weights were being lifted fast. Having a room full of people who are all actively trying to better themselves is the absolute best way to train. Three people even stopped mid-lift to eat a PB&J; calories=PRs!  If you currently train by yourself, I would highly suggest that you start working on finding a group of like minded individuals to lift with.

So, here is a breakdown of the lifts for the day:
Kelsi - Set deadlift PR's at 235, 245, 250 and 255...her old PR was 225 a week ago. Crazy.
Luis - Tied his snatch PR at 165 and smoked his deadlift PR of 475 with 480 and then an easy 500. Congrats, hermanito!
Drew - Tied his old deadlift PR of 505 and then crushed 525.
Willy - Tied his lifetime deadlift of 315 and then made a huge jump to 350 and barely missed it.
Justin - Having never been successful with a muscle-up before, hit 5 in a row.
Catherine - The aforementioned 190 (she might've pulled heavier, too!)
Kevin - The aforementioned 235.
Me - Snatched 195 (previous PR was 190) and pulled 465 (previous PR was 445).

I got a ton of video today, and there was really just too much to put up individual videos; so here's my first attempt at a montage! (Note: sadly, the video of my 465 deadlift didn't record the whole way so I don't have it. Thankfully, I'll be pulling a PR again soon!)

Hopefully this will motivate some of you to go out and get after it. Have a great day, and go lift some heavy shit!


  1. She hit 215 boss, missed 225, not by much

  2. your girlfriend looks really strong. and awesome.