Thursday, December 6, 2012

Great Healthy Eating Trick!

I'm coming back  to you great folks with a healthy eating tip that I picked up, of all places, from my sister. She took a tip that I've given quite a few people and made it even more user-friendly!

I will often tell people to go to the market and buy one of those rotisserie chickens that everybody sells nowadays. They are delicious, cheap and easy. One of those suckers goes for about 8 bucks and lasts for 2 meals. Well, it lasts me for 2 meals. Some of my clients can use one of those for 8 meals (absurd).

My sister took it a step further and made it much easier to take that chicken with you or to use it within different meals. While the chicken is still warm from the grocery store, she simply shreds ALL of the meat off of the carcass and puts it into a big tupperware container. I did that this week and it took me about 10 minutes until I had a big pile of delicious chicken.

Once I had the meat all shredded, I could do whatever I wanted with it. One day I simply ate it out of the container with some salt. Another day I took a handful and added some salsa and spicy gaucamole to it. Just before I wrote this, I chopped up a few handfuls of the chicken and threw on a dollop of mayo and ate a bowl of chicken salad. It's a good way to always have some lean protein on hand without having to do too much work. Anytime we can take an excuse away from eating the right foods is a win!

Please give it a shot and let me know what you think! Have a great day, and go lift some heavy shit!

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