Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Wants To Be Skinny??

We all know the deal; everybody is worried about how fat they are so they all want to be skinny. No one will eat anything with fat, carbs will kill you and a calorie restricted diet is the way to go.

Everywhere we look "skinny" is being pushed upon us. The Victorias Secret fashion show is filled with skinny women. Every magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store is filled with conversations about who is skinny and who is fat. All of the mass-produced "health" foods being pushed upon the masses claim to make you skinny.

But who the fuck wants to be skinny?!?

For centuries being skinny meant that you were sick, frail and probably going to die. If anyone that got on the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria was too skinny then they weren't going to survive the voyage. If one of the children of Sparta were too skinny, they were going to be cast off of the mountain so that they wouldn't be a burden on society. There are millions of skinny people walking around our third world countries who won't make it past their twenties. 

Why has something that has historically meant that you would die an early death become our symbol of sexiness? Why has the body that continually changed the world not had as much of an impact?

Warriors and laborers are responsible for nearly all of the change up until the industrial revolution. You could still make the case that our warriors (soldiers) still play one of the most vital roles in shaping our society today. Yet, no one wants to look like these people. Why? It takes work. It's much easier to simply starve yourself then it is to go to the gym and work your ass off.

If you're reading this, you probably don't care that much about being "skinny". (God, I hope so at least.) You're probably more concerned with being big, strong and lean. I implore you all to spread the good word about living a Girthy lifestyle to your civilian friends. Thin shall never win, but Girth shall rule the earth!

Have a great day! Go lift some heavy shit!

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