Monday, February 14, 2011


Is this fake life? What did I just see? I was up early for 2 clients at the gym, and then I had class at noon. I had a lower body workout that I needed to get done, and I decided that going to school early to knock it out would be a good idea. The gym at my school is not fantastic, but it is not really a bad facility. The coolest thing about it, is that they have an Olympic lifting pad with a bumper plate set. This is a treat that I am not normally accustomed to, so I was looking forward to doing my deadlift workout with them. I managed to get in a pretty good training session, pulled more weight than I expected to, overall a really good workout, except that I felt like I was going to puke in my mouth the whole time.

You see, there were lots of people working out at that time (about 10 a.m.), and EVERYTHING was bad. I was the only one doing a compound lift, other than the bench press, and not a single person was using a full range of motion (ROM). As I rested between seats of deads, lunges and GHR's, I ass-hat watched (a favorite pastime of mine). Every guy benched (when the Smith machine was being used, some even used a real bench!), every guy totally blasted his biceps, there were alot of shrugs, some half-ROM overhead presses....the rare behind-the-back-barbell-wrist-curl (BTBBWC) even made an appearance! Of course, it was on the Smith machine. Actually, the Smith machine got the most use! I saw it get used for "squats", bench press, BTBBWC, overhead presses, upright rows and, of course, biceps curls. 

More useless than tits on a bull!

This hour long workout I had today provided me with several glimpses into what passes as "working out" nowadays, and it seems that as long as your'e bench pressing, your'e doing a helluva job!

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