Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Deadlifts. Done and done. Without a doubt, it is my favorite exercise in the world. But, I mean REAL Deadlifts; not Romanian Deadlifts, not Suitcase Deadlifts, not Straight Leg Deadlifts, not Dumbbell Deadlifts. Just heavy conventional Deads.

Mr. O is deadlifting, why aren't you?

Whatever your goals might be, the deadlift can help you achieve them. Want to get stronger for sports? Deadlift. Want to gain muscle and lose fat? Deadlift. Want to improve your Riverdance skills? Well, maybe deadlifting won't help you with that, actually. But it will make your butt look great in those Riverdance pants!

Ummm....yeah....so.....How about those Red Sox?

Really though, the deadlift can do everything you want, and more. Everyone uses it; athletes, strongmen, olympic lifters, bodybuilders and of course powerlifters. There are tons of variations you can do to suit your specific needs, and it is really a pretty easy lift to learn/coach. Grip the bar outside your hips, get your chest up and butt back (keep that arch!), squeeze your shoulder blades, drive through your heels, and lock out your hips (crush the walnut with your butt!). Boom, laser show. That just happened.

Most people in this country are quad dominant; thats just how it is. Combine this with inactive and weak glutes caused by sitting in front of computers all day, and you have a pretty significant muscle imbalance waiting for you. The deadlift can cure this; there is no better way to strengthen all of your posterior chain muscles! Fixing this imbalance can fix alot of problems that you thought you may just have to live with; general knee pain, hip pain or low back pain to name a couple. Also, a side benefit is that every time you add another pair of 45 lb plates to the bar, you add girth to your.....hamstrings.

Great lockout...

If this exercise can do all of these amazing things to your body, why doesn't every gym in America have people deadlifting 24/7? Because if you are doing it right, its hard. Like, woodpecker lips-hard. Who knew that doing a difficult, intense, full-body exercise could reap great results?

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