Sunday, February 20, 2011

New ways to get Beastly

This is going to be a recurring post for me. Exercises that will instantly boost your BeastMode and make you the coolest guy in your weight room.

Todays exercise is snagged from Bret Contreras out in AZ (now New Zealand). 

What it is: The Front Squat Isometric Hold is a supramaximal exercise. This means that you will be using MORE weight than you are able to actually front squat. Use either the clean grip or the cross-face grip. Load up the bar and just hold the racked position of the front squat. Be sure to engage your glutes, rectus abdominis, upper-middle back and even your obliques. Just squeeze everything. HARD.

Program it into the end of the workout, when you are doing your other core exercsies. To call this an anti-extension or anti-flexion exercise wouldn't be doing it justice. After the first time you try this exercise, you will be acutely aware of all the muscles that make up your core.


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