Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Time to Embrace Success

It's time to embrace your inner desire to get strong as a ma'fucka and jacked beyond your wildest dreams.

I've been immersed in this industry for 4 years now, and have never looked back. I spend the vast majority of my time trying to learn more about how to increase human performance in order to both benefit myself and my clients/athletes. I've accrued a pretty good bank of knowledge in my abnormally large head (with astonishingly small ears) and I've decided it's time for me to start trying to share that with a wider population of people.

As such, I want to start offering programming to those of you who are interested (if anyone is interested, that is). The system will be pretty simple: you pay me and I email you a one-month program. You do it, update me on how savage/awesome you've been getting, and then we repeat the process. Before long, you will have become the sexual tyrannosaurus that you have always dreamed of being and you will want to send me awesome gifts in the mail.

If you'd like some insight into what it's like to follow my programming you can check out this blog, written by a current client of mine or read some of these testimonials:
As a beginner lifter, my two biggest areas for improvement were mobility and mental toughness. Mike created a program that challenged my determination and in turn allowed me to make my greatest gains in strength training. He added new lifts forcing me to concentrate and actually care about what I was doing rather than just going through the movements. It was the order of the components of a session that made me determined to push myself to new limits. My mental toughness vastly improved the first week and I even went from hating mobility to wanting to complete it knowing it would allow me to lift better. Having a knowledgeable and passionate leader didn't hurt either! As a health care professional myself, my greatest compliment to Mike is his desire for continued professional development. I believe a lot of his success comes from having a professional clientele who can quickly detect Mike's honesty and effort to find the best solution for their goals. He is more than willing to continue educating himself in the best interest of his clients. Additionally, with the wide variety of populations he has worked with I would refer any patient to him with complete trust that he would safely and effectively train them.

Natalie ATC
University of Oregon '15

After gaining (at least) the freshman 15 in college and injuring my rotators cuff from volleyball, I decided to give Michael Anderson's workout program a try. Prior to that, I tried so many different ways of losing weight, which consisted of running a lot and different types of dieting- The juice diet, the south beach diet, diet pills, whatever was advertised out there, you name it.  I noticed after each diet, I almost immediately gained the weight back and more. Something needed to change.  I decided to give Michael a chance in helping me.

Michael was a fairly a new trainer when I received my first program.  We discussed what I wanted to work on, how many days am I able to commit to the gym, etc.  He set me up with a workout plan for 4x a week for 4 months.  His target was to strengthen my upper body (for improving my rotator cuff) and to increase flexibility and agility(for volleyball).  He told me not to worry about my weight- weight myself once before and once after the complete workout phase.  I met up with Michael at the beginning of each phase of the program to ensure that I learn the exercises and was doing it properly.  I was enthusiastic about the program, followed it, stuck to it, and also watched what I ate.  Regardless if I was sore or sick, I would force myself to the gym.  During the 4th month I was able to do full pushups and a couple chin-ups.  This also resulted in no pain in my rotator cuff.  I was able to spike/ serve a volleyball again without any pain!  I was also able to move much more quickly on defense; I was more than amazed.  I decided to cheat and weigh myself.  To my surprise, I’d lost 20 lbs! 
Now I am back on the program and preparing for my wedding, again using Michael's programming.  He has done so much for me and I am certain this time will allow me to look fabulous on my wedding day! 
Kim T., Boston MA.

If you are looking to grow in strength, lean muscle mass, weight lifting confidence and overall fitness, you would be wasting your time if you found Mike Anderson and are still looking elsewhere.
In several years Mike transformed my body and physical presence in the word in a way that nobody - me including - anticipated;  from soft to hard, from plump to lean and from weak to strong. I can't tell you enough about how much has much life improved in so many areas outside of the gym as well.
In my many years of training with him - and seeing so many other trainers fail where he succeeds - I credit his unique balance of a passionate motivating push and intelligently customized programming with his extraordinary results.
Do not wait:  let him evaluate your needs, write your program and guide you to where you never thought you can be so fast !  He is one of a kind and you will soon thank yourself for choosing him. 
Roman S., Boston MA. 

I have been working with Mike towards a specific group of fitness goals for just shy of a year.  I started as someone who was new to weight training and had minimal experience with my college strength coach.  When I told Mike I wanted to use weight training as a means to become a faster distance runner, he was eager to set me up with a program.

Since he knew I was new to strength and conditioning, Mike made sure he took the time to educate and teach me the basics before throwing me into a 4x/week program. With the approrpiate progressions and regressions throughout the course of the first month,  I saw exponetial growths in strength, which directly correlated to my racing times. Also, with his nutrition guidance, I was able to build lean muscle, gain strength, and increase endurance all while losing more than 5% body fat over the course of my first 4-6 months training with Mike.

His attention to detail ensures that my program will be individualized to meet my specific goals. Aside from athletic performance and body composition, Mike has also kept me injury free from a nagging hamstring injury I had been dealing with for over 6 years. 
Kelsi N., Painesville, OH. 
As a fitness professional myself, I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t program your own workouts. Before I began working with Mike, my mobility had devolved to an all time low. As competitive rugby athlete, poor mobility does not equal top performance on the field; this had to be addressed in order for me to get from a second team player to the travel team.
 Since I’ve started following Mike’s programming, my mobility and strength has improved drastically. My on-field performance has improved as well (who would’ve guessed?) and I made the travel roster this season.  Since I am also a hands on learner, Mike’s programming has helped me better my training techniques and allowed me to help my clients gain back some of their lost mobility. I cannot imagine how I would feel today if I had continued to let my physical well-being slip in the direction it had been going.
Jarrod Dyke, Boston, MA. 

I began training with Mike a year ago. I’ve worked with many trainers over the years, and while it is never difficult to find one, it is extremely hard to find an excellent one.  I struck gold with Mike.  Here I highlight only three of the many important qualities he brings to the training experience.
 First, he has a terrific ability to gauge a client’s strengths and areas in need of improvement.  This is not an obvious skill, but it was one I recognized almost immediately in Mike.  Often, we assume we know the areas we’d like to work on – not just in terms of specific body parts (women: you know who you are), but also in terms of general goals, like mobility, flexibility, strengh, or conditioning.  Ideally, a trainer builds an exercise circuit for you that not only integrates your own goals but – perhaps more importantly – reflects the trainer’s assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  Mike did an amazing job of recognizing those areas I’d need to strengthen before I could even begin to work toward reaching my goals.  For this I have been immensely grateful.
 Second, and related to the first, Mike takes a long-term approach to training that I have found tremendously beneficial.  I can recall a period of a few weeks, for example, when we spent most of our time focusing on soft tissue work and mobility drills, both of which can leave a client wondering whether s/he has really “worked out.”  I trusted – and was later proven right – that Mike knew exactly what he was doing, and the investment in soft tissue and mobility work made it possible to transition to strength exercises that would have otherwise been impossible.  The kind of long-term view that Mike adopts is only possible because he has such a strong command of the body’s physiology.
 Third, Mike has a terrific personality.  This may seem unimportant, but I think a trainer’s sense of humor and positive disposition are key components of an excellent training session.  Mike has both, and in the moments when my muscles have screamed at me to give them a break, it has made all the difference to have Mike’s humor and smile encouraging me to push through.  Somehow I emerge from the pain smiling – only reinforcing my conviction that Mike is a rare find.  You’d be lucky to have him as your trainer.
 -Sarah Feuer
Brookline, MA

Now that you've read what some people think about me when prompted to write about me, you should be ready to find out for yourself. Your health is worth your investment and I think I'm worth it. I have experience with a vast array of clients: an 86 year old Holocaust survivor, Olympic athletes (women's Ice Hockey and women's Field Hockey), National Team-level athletes (Track and Field, Women's Ice Hockey, Women's Lacrosse) and D1 College athletes of all sports, prepped someone for the Olympic Bobsled combine, weekend warriors with joint replacements, pregnant moms, high school athletes and everybody else in between. My writing has also been featured on Tony Gentilcore's  site a bunch of times (so you know I'm not just some blog-turd). Regardless of your goal, I can help.

For $65 per month, you receive your one-month program as well as unlimited contact via email and a 30-minute FaceTime or Google hangout each month. You will also be asked to send me videos of your lifts that I will critique and send back to you using Coach's Eye. If you are ready to make the investment in yourself, please send me an email at and we can get the party started. There is no commitment and you can stop after any given month. Payments can be made via PayPal here:

I look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the road to a stronger, better you!

Have a great day and go lift some heavy shit!


  1. Damn dude...65 a month?? Thats a steal for anyone to get quality programming and feedback

  2. I don't think being strong or feeling better should be a privilege that only people with money to blow should be able to have. If I keep the cost down a little bit then hopefully more people will be able to enjoy what I do.

    But you're right; it is a steal.