Monday, August 27, 2012

CrossFit Resilience

I've mentioned before that my former co-worker and good buddy Dan recently left my gym to go be a part of a new opportunity. He is the Director of Training at a new CrossFit gym opening up out in Hopkington, MA. I got my first chance to see CrossFit Resilience today and I loved it.

CFR isn't shaping up to be your average CrossFit gym. The coaches are top-notch and extremely knowledgeable and capable. They have competed at a high level in college athletics (basketball, wrestling, soccer and diving) as well as the strength sports (powerlifting, strongman, highland games). These well rounded athletes back up their ability with a great education and an awesome understanding of many different training practices.

The gym will be outfitted with all of the normal CrossFit toys: barbells, racks, a log, a safety squat bar, a fat bar, rings, bumpers, KB's, DB's, sleds, a yoke, atlas stones, tires, prowlers, sledge hammers, chains and bands. All the good shit.

We got in a great training session that day, too. Since it was a gorgeous day we went outside with farmers handles (135 pounds each) and did the 400 meter loop around the building, taking turns as each guy got tired. We then flipped the 500-ish pound tire, going with 4 flips per guy for about half the distance and then 10 flips per guy for the other half. We did another loop with the farmers walks and finished up with some wall balls: Dan did 100, I did 50 and Luis did 7.

It sounds like CFR is hoping to open their doors officially this coming Friday! I can't wait for my next trip out there. If you're in the area make sure to go check them out and lift something heavy!

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