Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catch up on life

I stopped blogging for, like, a week. So sue me. I'm only a human, after all, and every now and then I lose my mojo. Shit happens, right? The important thing is that I'm back in the saddle.

First things first; you may have read in another post, but I have a new nephew!! Drew was born Saturday night (what a lucky partially Chinese/Irish kid, born on St. Patricks day in the year of the Dragon). He came out at 9.5 pounds of pure Man, and both he and my sister are resting and recovering very well. I am extremely happy to have him be a part of my family's life now, especially since my sister and I are so close. I'm very proud of her; she has been doing a beautiful job of being a mom!

Next topic: my training. Dan, my training partner, and I have started up a program using the Advanced German Volume Training template. This is a moderately advanced program, and it's been brutal so far. I won't go into the boring details, but essentially we train 3 times per week. Two upper body days and one lower body day. Each day we do one superset of exercises (example: incline barbell bench and bent over row) and the superset is 10 sets of 5 reps. It's a butt-load of volume with a pretty low number of reps. This means the benefits we should see from the program will be mostly strength oriented, with some added size being a bonus. This programming feels more sustainable than some of the stuff that we have done in the past. I think it has found the gray area between hypertrophy and strength training that is applicable to us right now.

To go along with the lifting program, we are also trying a pretty popular/trendy style of eating right now: Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting is a nutritional protocol that was researched and popularized by Dr. John Berardi, a pretty well-known name in this industry. He certainly did not create this protocol; it has been around in one form or another for quite some time. In other time's it has been known as the Warrior Diet, Leangains and Alternate Day Fasting. These are all variations of the same theme, but Dr. Berardi put, arguably, the most detail into his research and application of Intermittent Fasting. For our purposes, we will be doing a 14-16 hour fast (including sleep) which usually puts my first meal at noon-time. I then go into a 4 hour "under feed" time where I get in a meal with some protein and fat and green veggies (think scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese). After this 4 hour period (usually this is when I train), I go into a 4-5 hour "over feed" time when I really just load in the calories; this is the feast portion of the fast. I load up on carbs and protein and good fats, and will even allow for some delicacies not normally eaten (dessert??). I've just started to explore this style of eating, so I don't have a lot of information to report yet. Soon enough, though.

Spring has sprung here in Boston, and that means more time outside, which I love. My walking time with my pup Lexi will be increased exponentially, and hopefully I'll get to spend a few weekends down the Cape before the house gets rented out. All in all, things are ok. No complaints out of me (complaining doesn't do me a lick of good anyway.)

Thanks for reading, have a great day. Go lift some heavy shit, please!

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