Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SkinnyFat Girls

This is an issue that has been plaguing us for decades. Skinnyfat girls. They are everywhere. It starts at the top, in the fashion magazine. As the saying goes, shit rolls down hill.

This is usually a result of someone being "skinny" based on how they look in clothes. They will eat 1000 calories a day, smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and walk on a treadmill for 3 hours in an effort to be "skinny".  They achieve the desired size, but do it without a second thought about muscle mass.

This is where we get the skinnyfat look. You are all skin and bones. Skin just falling right off of you. Shit is gross. Girls like it because they can fit into skinny jeans, and dresses look good on you. Clearly skinny fat doesn't mesh with bikinis, though.

I mean, seriously? Who thinks that looks good?

The good news is that Nia Shanks recently released a product that will help us eradicate skinnyfat girls forever! Lean Muscle Mass for everyone! Beautiful Badass is a program specifically aimed towards women that will help gain lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and look amazing. If you don't believe it, go take a look at Nia. She is walking proof.

Go find something heavy, and get it off the floor!

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