Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seriously, dude?

There was a tiny local gym in the neighborhood that recently went out of business. My facility absorbed quite a few of their members, and interestingly, it is pretty easy to tell who came from that gym. They were "gym rats" in the sense that they spent a lot of time there, and formed a nice little community. The side effect to this, is that they all have a lot of the same bad habits. They perpetuated a "Crossfit type workout style" that many of them use; however, they use it poorly.

Ding Ding Ding!! Here comes the failboat!!

Now, I don't hate Crossfit. It is a great system to improve GPP and athleticism....when used correctly. When used improperly, it is just a great way to make you small and weak. And small and weak is no way to got through life, son!

This brings to me one guy that just cracks me up. He is a big guy, fairly athletic looking. First day he came into our gym, I thought "this one has promise, let's see what his routine is like". A few minutes later, he comes out of the locker room, ready for for battle. He has his cutoff t-shirt on, Vibram KSO's on his feet, lifting straps around his wrists, its on like donkey kong! He goes through a sort of dynamic warm-up (thumbs up) stretching and moving his whole body. Then he heads to the Cybex ab machine.

Wait. What?

Yup, sits on the ab machine with his Vibrams and wrist straps on, and crushes a few sets of abs. Weird. He then heads back to the free weight section and hammers out some heavy rack pulls.

Shit. No. That is what I was doing. He sat down and did some sets of 20-25 rep overhead DB presses. Seated overhead presses. With his wrist straps dangling. Uh, sweet dude. I watched nearly his entire workout. Not a single move that would necessitate wrist-straps, and nothing that would make use of his Vibrams. Everything was some variation of a seated push. Really? For serious?

Being a gear-whore is one thing (I, personally, am a sneaker whore), but not even knowing how to utilize your gear is lame. That sir, makes you a douchebag!

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