Friday, April 22, 2011

New Ways to get Beastly

Todays exercise comes courtesy of Glenn Pendlay. I really know nothing about him, except that he is an olympic lifting coach who has a pretty sweet row variation named after him.

What it is: The Pendlay Row

Why it is sick: Great upper-back exercise. Great lower-back exercise. Great carryover to the deadlift. Great exercise in general. Each rep requires resetting your position, so that one second pause allows you to go heavier than you can with a traditional barbell row. You use as little body english as possible (none, hopefully) so you really need to fire your upper back explosively in order to do it right. The Pendlay Row also has a great carryover to the deadlift, because it essentially puts you into the position to start your deadlift. Upper back strength is really important in moving serious weights in the deadlift, which makes this a really useful exercise.

Now go give it a shot!

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