Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Programming

Now that the Arnold is over, I've started prepping for the next meet. Mark said there might be one in early April and I really want to be ready for it. I'm tired of "being happy about competing", I'm ready to get some motherfucking PR's in this bitch.

I did something that I always say not to do and I wrote my own program. I learned quite a bit during my time doing Risto Sports programs, and I've learned just as much during my time so far in Ohio training with Mark. Mark has been brutally delicately dissecting my technique flaws over the last few weeks and I'm using certain exercises to address those issues in this next month of training.

I'm also addressing my strength issue. My squat max hasn't gone anywhere in a long time, and that bugs me. Will it make me a better lifter? Not directly, but when your squat goes up it always has an indirect effect on your lifting.

My snatch technique was super-fucked, to put it bluntly. Now, after some work, I think it's just regular fucked. My bad habits have been whittled down and are now (as far as I know): my second pull, my extension, bar path and"frozen feet". During the second pull, I was bringing my hips forward to the bar rather than bringing the bar into my hips. This is short changing my power and creating a shitty bar path that makes me miss forwards. It also causes the second problem, which is my extension. I'm early onto my toes every time which causes an even shittier bar path. I didn't realize it was an issue, but I suffer from "frozen feet", which is when my feet never leave the pull position. You often hear "pull position/squat position" but those were the same for me, which I thought was ok because I squat with a really narrow stance. Mark has been working on correcting this and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. 

You can see in that picture that when the bar is in my hip crease, I'm already extending through my ankles (i'm also throwing my head back). At that point my feet should still be flat on the ground while I push through my ankles. 

To address and correct these issues I'm going to be performing a lot of hip snatches, power snatches, "no hook no feet" snatches (a full snatch without using a hook grip or moving your feet at all, Mark wants me staying completely flat on my feet the whole time) and some 3-pause snatches to work on my positions (just off of floor, at knees, final position). These are all pretty lightweight training lifts (I've been performing them so far at just less than 80%) but working on my technique will have the biggest benefit for me right now. 

Clean and Jerk:
My clean technique isn't nearly as bad as my snatch, but I'm still early into my toes and bringing my hips to the bar and not bar to hips. I think one of the culprits of this is the way that I performed RDLs for such a long time. I have a "frozen foot" when I clean because my right foot will shoot out but my left stays planted. My jerk is my weak point (I out-clean my jerk by probably 15kg), and it all starts with my dip. I have a tendency to let my chest fall forward and my hips drift back, which causes me to push the bar out in front of my body. This happens at heavier weights, so my plan is to spend more time working with weights closer to my max than I would have previously. I also want to spend more time performing the jerk in a more fatigued state, like you would be after hitting a max clean.

To address these issues I'm actually going to be doing a few combo exercises and a lot more jerks. The reason I'm doing some combos is because of the difference in my clean and my jerk. I can use a lighter weight and still get a training effect for my clean while working at a high percentage of my jerk. The exercises I'll be training are: power clean+2 jerks, clean pull/power clean/full clean and jerk (did this yesterday and loved it), BTN jerks, and clean pull/hang power clean. I'll be able to work on some positional stuff and get in some good jerk volume at a good percentage. We'll see how it works!

I'm just going to do a fuckshitton of squats this month. Whether it directly helps my lifting or not, I really want to squat 200kg this year. No real plan this month for that, just a lot of triples and a volume day of sets of 5. And probably some ammonia.

That's what I'm up to. Any new plans from you guys?

Have a great day and go lift some heavy shit!

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