Monday, September 17, 2012

I Can't Stop

My name is Mike, and I have a problem.

Everywhere I go and everything I do strength and conditioning is on my mind. Just the other night I was at a bar with a bunch of friends. I went to take a leak and realized that before I peed I set my shoulders down and back. I laughed at myself, and went back to the bar. I told my buddy Justin and he laughed and said he does the same thing all the time. Birds of a feather, right?

Every time I walk down the street, I spot movement dysfunctions in people. (It's really not so hard with most people walking around). She has zero pelvic control. His hamstrings are weak and his feet are externally rotating. Her feet pronate so much she's collapsing the inside of her Chucks.

It's non-stop and I can't help it. I can keep these thoughts inside my head most of the time, but if I'm with some of my other trainer/coach friends then it's a wrap. Not only do we point out dysfunctions that we spot on random people, but we crack jokes about each others contraindications. Nice posture dick, why don't you try keeping your neck packed while you pick up that beer.

This is an industry that you truly need to live in order to be successful at. If your life doesn't essentially revolve around strength and conditioning, you're going to get passed by. Fitness is truly part of life; everything we do in the gym has a correlate to daily life.

I'm at a disadvantage because I found this industry late in life; I didn't start studying it in school until I was 26. I am, however, lucky that I found this industry at all. My job revolves around helping people feel better, move better and get stronger. I help people live happier, healthier lives and that means the world to me.

Go lift something heavy today!

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