Friday, April 6, 2012

Guess what? Nobody cares.

One of the main reasons that I hear as to why someone doesn't want to go into a weight room or start an exercise program is because they are embarrassed. They think that people are going to crack jokes or make fun of them because they aren't fit or strong.

Well, this guy will get made fun of.
You know what, though? If you're in the weight room working hard and trying to get better, then no one gives a damn what you're doing. Seriously. No one that matters, at least. If someone is in the weight room trying to get better themselves, then they have no time to worry about what you're doing. You can do whatever you want; what you eat doesn't make me shit. The people in the gym who do have time to make fun of you? That just means they aren't working hard enough themselves. They are also probably weak (mind and body).

A strong lifter knows that everybody starts someplace. We were all once beginners, we all once squatted like shit, and we all once thought that the preacher curl was the most important piece of equipment in the gym. There is a learning curve to strength and conditioning; you can't be expected to walk into the gym and know everything on day 1. You can be expected to work hard and ask questions, though. 

The people who will get made fun of? Those who think their shit don't stink. The people who have asked the right questions, and had access to the right information and still do stupid things. If you've read 30 articles that espouse the benefits of the deadlift and squat, and all the trainers at your gym are big strong guys who squat and pull, then why would you still insist on doing a bastardized version of a half-kneeling kettlebell clean? If you ask for advice from 6 different people that you trust, and they all answer you the same way, maybe that is advice you should consider. 

The other person who will get made fun of? The guy who think he's a monster. The guy who thinks shrugging 225 makes him a beast. The guy who thinks dumping 50 pound dumbbells off his chest makes him a badass. The guy who grunts and groans his way through a set of triceps kickbacks so that everybody in the gym will see how savage he is. Those guys are clowns, there's no need for them in the weight room. You know what you can say to those guys?

If you're in the gym and you are genuinely working hard and trying to get better, no one cares how strong or fit you are. You'll always be respected for your effort, and more often than not someone will eventually approach you to ask if you need help with anything.

On a lighter note, I just went and enjoyed a fantastic brunch at a great local restaurant (Zaftigs) with some friends visiting from NY. Me being me, I ordered some corned beef hash and 6 over-easy eggs for my meal. Pretty standard meal for me; I've been known to go as high as 8 eggs in a sitting. Really not particularly impressive egg numbers, in actuality. Yet, she had to double check with me that it was the correct number of eggs. I ate, and really enjoyed my meal (the food there is amazing). When the (cute) waitress came back to clear our plates she said "Wow, you really ate them all. The kitchen had to double check with me to make sure you wanted 6 eggs." She was either extremely impressed (and interested in me) or completely and totally disgusted. I'll just assume she thought I was hot. Really, though; is it that strange to see someone order 6 eggs??

Well, thanks for reading this week. Go to the gym and work hard. Leave some sweat on the floor and some blood on the barbell. Ask questions, learn. You'll continue to get better and see the results you want to see.  Have a great Easter weekend! Go lift something heavy!

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